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How are funds allocated?

Donors can designate any portion of their donation to any of the following funds:


General Fund: Help us reach out to potential scholarship recipients and donors. Funds are used in marketing the Foundation and its scholarships through printed materials, enewsletters, and web hosting expenses.


Scholarship Fund: Proceeds are designated 100% to student scholarships and organizational grants to provide training to eligible groups and individuals.


Professional Development Fund: Proceeds are used to promote Landmark Learning faculty development and training opportunities.


Jules Simmons Endowment Fund: Help the future of the Landmark Foundation, and the sustainability of its support to Landmark Learning students. "If one million people each donate a dollar, great things are possible!" - Jules Simmons


To allocate your donation to any particular fund, click the drop-down arrow under "How would you like to apply your gift" and select the appropriate fund. Or, select "Write us a comment" and let us know your preferences during checkout. If you choose not to specifically allocate your funds, they will be deposited into the General Fund. Once general expenses are managed, remaining funds will be redeposited to the Jules Simmons Endowment Fund.

Make a Donation

Your donation is tax deductible and will be used to provide students, who are seeking training services to enhance their jobs and pursuits in outdoor leadership and wilderness medicine, the funding they need.  


If you would like to send a check or money order, make payable and mail to: The Landmark Foundation, PO Box 1888, Cullowhee NC 28723. Please denote Scholarship, Endowment, or other fund in the memo line so we may allocate your donation properly. Our EIN is: 46-5565574

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Proceeds Support Scholarships 100%

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