• Mitchell Grosofsky

Beckwith Scholarship for WFR at UNC-G

The Wilderness First Responder course encompassed more than I could have hoped for. Not only was the course packed full of interesting first aid material, along the lines of what an EMT-B learns but more suited to the wilderness, it was insightful and fun.

Spending time with like-minded individuals in a hands-on learning environment while practicing valuable skills has raised my sense of value in the outdoor community. I feel increasingly more confident that I will act appropriately in times of need than before, despite having some first aid knowledge prior to completing the course.

The instructors were top notch, energetic, comical (when appropriate), professional, and enjoyable. As an educator, experiencing lessons taught using hands-on demonstrations, practice scenarios, and engaging conversations has further opened my eyes to what it means to be an outstanding teacher.

Receiving a scholarship from the Landmark Foundation has made this all the more affordable for someone with a tight budget. Thank you for helping make this experience possible and I look forward to further education with your organization.


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