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Jordan and Leigha Pennington - Double Duty Course Funding


This fantastic couple has taken creative funding for their WMI Wilderness First Responder course to heart. An active service member in the US Navy, Jordan is utilizing his GI Bill funds to pay for his WFR in full. And Leigha is a recipient of the Beckwith Scholarship, to offset her tuition costs. They coordinated to be able to take their course together at the Landmark Learning campus in Cullowhee this month.

Post-course, Jordan wrote a reflective piece for us:

"Coming into the Landmark Learning and this WMI WFR course I had low expectations, but I have been more than convinced that not only was I wrong but that it was one of the most beneficial classes I've ever taken. As an active service member in the US Navy I have received an extensive amount of training in combat medicine. My WMI WFR through Landmark Learning was a wonderful addition to the training I've already recieved. Also the class structure was incredible and nothing like a military training session - no death by power point! A combination of a classroom setting and scenarios for each topic combined for an outstanding educational experience that was a blast as well.

The best part, my GI Bill benefits covered all cost!"

We are beyond proud to be able to assist our active and retired military servicemen through their Post-911 GI Bill funding source.

We hope to hear from Leigha soon - safe travels to you both as you head into your next adventures together.

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