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The Landmark Foundation is Underway


Mairi and I are so pleased to have the Landmark Foundation in motion. In 1994, I was involved in the start up of a nonprofit that conducted adventure programs for disabled children, "River's Way", and it was my first job upon graduation from undergraduate school. Additionally, my degree in Parks and Recreation Management from Appalachian State University had a focus on non-profit work and grant writing. I was able to put those skills to work at River's Way and the Watauga County Project on Aging.

In 1996, Landmark Learning was born as a for profit school in an effort to smooth processes, efficiency, and speed of adaptation in the world of certification training, which at the time was a small industry. Over the last 18 years we have longed for some of the camaraderie of board work, opportunities for grant writing, and scholarship funds development through giving campaigns. Landmark Learning has consistently donated several thousand dollars-worth of scholarships to students in need, from its slim margins. Now we are thrilled at the prospects of growing new scholarship funds and student support services. Access to Landmark Learning programing will be greatly benefited by the efforts of the Landmark Foundation and it's well-organized Board of Directors.

Have a warm and joyful Holiday Season - see you next year at Landmark!

Justin S Padgett


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