Multi-Student Scholarship


For Organizations seeking training for 4 or more of their staff members in any one specific course type and date set.  Small organizations with small staff groups can benefit here.


To be eligible for a Multi-Student Scholarship, the sponsoring organization must:


  • Provide a list of the members' names and a statement that all members are US citizens

  • Provide the organization's mission statement 

  • Prove eligibility by at least one of the following:

    • Employing Landmark Learning alum

    • Be in active US military service

    • Currently serving the outdoor industry

    • New outdoor industry business startup (in the first 3 years of business)

    • Currently involved in Volunteer Rescue, Fire, First Responder, Public Safety and Disaster Response organizations

  • The organization must pay a non-refundable course application fee per staff member and collect all supplementary payments and precourse paperwork from their staff members (costs not covered by the organization or a scholarship award). Course tuition and any associated lab fees must also be paid prior to consideration of the application for a scholarship.

  • Scholarship awards will be up to 5% of the total course cost.

Contact the Landmark Learning office for further direction and to apply.;; 828-293-5384