Landmark Learning


Mission Statement:

Landmark Learning’s mission is to be the leading resource in education and training for the outdoor community, advancing national standards through a network of professional educators, researchers, and certification specialists.


Started in 1996 with an initial vision of becoming a guiding service, the Landmark founders integrated training and risk management into their tours and trips. In seeing their program sites change through use and time, the realization that training must occur intentionally evolved the school into what it is today - the first nationally-accredited school for outdoor certifications and training.


Landmark Learning has chosen to align itself with the nation's leading certification providers, in order to support its students with comprehensive, research-based curriculum, free from information conflicts and providing the most convenient modes to maintain those certifications long-term.


Landmark Learning students come from all walks of life and live all over the globe.  Our students are outdoor trip leaders, guides, school leaders, US Forest Service and National Park Service employees, military, law enforcement, medical professionals,s and adventurers.  Our faculty all have extensive backcountry leading experiences, with many being handpicked from within our student body.


Landmark Learning houses 2 separate campuses on its 40 acres of mountainside in western NC's Blue Ridge Mountains. The historic Downstream Campus is used for water-based and backcountry courses that typically have lower maximum enrollment. The Upstream Campus is primarily used for EMT and NOLS Wilderness Medicine training courses. Both campuses have their own bunkhouses, camping spaces, cooking/dining facilities, and open wi-fi in and around the classroom buildings.